Music does more than provide background noise ... It helps turn your event into a joyous occasion!

Here at Nick Depuy Music, we believe that music can do more than fill the lulls in an event. It creates an atmosphere that captures the feelings that words cannot. Make your event lively and and keep you and your guests in a great mood with a unique live music experience.

Meet Nick Depuy

Nick Depuy is an award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist in southern Connecticut with over 10 years experience as the soundtrack/accompaniment to romantic weddings, corporate functions and intimate get togethers. Let Nick Depuy’s signature timeless sound create the warm atmosphere your event needs. Host your special event with the confidence of knowing that you and your guests will be having fun and feeling relaxed at every turn.

Playing All Your Favorite Music... Reimagined with rich acoustic strings and an evocative singing voice


We're not just about creating beautiful music... but creating an unforgettable experience

1. Let's chat about your vision

Let's talk so I can share with you everything you need to know to plan the music for your day.

2. We'll have some fun selecting music

We'll work together to select music for the key moments of your event. 

3. Create memories that will last forever!

Enjoy a beautiful atmosphere with your custom live sound track

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We'd love to hear what you envision for your day! Together, let's make your day one for the books